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Cybersecurity Weekly

Dec 12, 2018

Brian Elrod joins us for this "Chattanooga Startups" episode of the podcast Business & Technology in Tennessee to discuss the ins and outs of co-founding his company, Text Request. In this conversation, Brian sheds light on topics from how he and his wife and co-founder Jamey came up with the idea for their SMS-based SaaS tool to valuable business advice the two received along the way.

Text Request reached $1 million in annual recurring revenue in July of 2018 and is positioned for additional growth in 2019. Listen to the full episode to find out how this Chattanooga startup achieved this impressive milestone and is opening lines of communication for small businesses to better connect with their customers.

Chattanooga has some awesome startups that don't necessarily get the media coverage that others enjoy. We're excited to produce a series of podcast episodes featuring some of our favorite local technology-focused startup companies. More to come...